vengeance of the zombies


Vengeance of the Zombies (La Rebelion de las Muertas) is a Spanish horror film directed by León Klimovsky and starring Paul Naschy.

Paul Naschy is a Spanish film actor, working primarily in horror films. His portrayal of numerous classic horror figures such as the wolfman, hunchback, Count Dracula, and mummy, have earned him recognition as a Spanish Lon Chaney. Although not appearing in this film, the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky is without a doubt Paul Naschy's most famous horror character, since he played him in 12 different "Hombre Lobo" films. In fact, Naschy holds the record for playing a Wolf Man the most number of times, easily beating out even booze-bag Lon Chaney Jr. who played a Wolf Man only seven times during his career.

This film is available online as a free download.